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Temporary restraining order granted against Diplo in revenge porn case

A Los Angeles judge granted a restraining order against Diplo, the DJ and producer, in a case involving a woman who alleged that the musician posted a sexually explicit photo

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Bucks trade two second-rounders for one in hard-cap maneuver

By acquiring Bogdan Bogdanovic in a sign-and-trade, the Bucks triggered a hard cap for next season. Milwaukee is also trading for Jrue Holiday, whose incentive-laden salary could be higher than

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Chronic inflammation causes a reduction in NAD+

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a key metabolite central to an efficient and healthy metabolism, declines with age. This previously unexplained phenomena is associated with numerous age-related diseases and has spawned

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Joining RCEP Would Have Had Negative Consequences for Indian Economy, Says S Jaishankar

India pulled out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) last year as joining it would have resulted in fairly negative consequences for the country’s economy, External Affairs Minister S

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PlayStation 5 review: welcome to the next generation

This is it. After months of waiting, we’re finally in possession of the realisation of Sony’s vision for the next generation of console gaming. PlayStation 5 features cutting-edge AMD CPU

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New homeowners found coins worth $25,000 in a drawer — and then gave them back

A South Carolina couple found a forgotten treasure while settling into their new home — dozens of gold and silver coins worth thousands of dollars. James Munford was checking out

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